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Al Hasakah Populations Photo Gallery
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Syrian Governorate Location:
Al Hasakah    Al Qunaytirah    Aleppo    Ar Raqqah    As Suwayda    Damascus    Daraa    Dayr az Zawr    Hama    Homs    Idlib    Latakia    Rif Damascus    Tartus

Al Hasakah Governorate Cities, Towns and Villages Map Location (more than 2696, pag 25 of 27)
Tell es Sakher Tell es Sakhr Tell ett Tair Tell ett Tebene
Tell Fajami Tell Fares Tell Habbou Tell Haddad
Tell Hadi Tell Hafiane Tell Hajar Tell Hajar
Tell Halaf Tell Hamar Tell Hamdoun Tell Hamis
Tell Hanoua Tell Hanoua Tell Helef Tell Hermel
Tell Hobach Tell Jamil Tell Jammal Tell Jessas
Tell Jhach Tell Jnediye Tell Joumaa Tell Kafer
Tell Kahf Tell Kannbar Tell Karm Tell Kdich
Tell Kefchi Tell Keif Peunar Aali Tell Khabbaz Tell Khalifa
Tell Khannzir Tell Khannzir Tell Khannzir Kebir Tell Khannzir Serhir
Tell Kharnoub Tell Kharnoub Rachid Tell Khatoun Tell Khatoun
Tell Khodor Tell Kotchek Tell Koubeiba Tell Kushik
Tell Majdel Tell Makhass Tell Manakh Serhir Tell Marhas
Tell Massas Tell Massass Tell Mohammed Diab Tell Naam ej Jellate
Tell Nabhane Tell Nasri Tell Nasseur Tell Oulia
Tell Oum Kahf Tell Oum Ourhafa Tell Oumrafa Tell Qabr el Kebir
Tell Qabr es Serhir Tell Qourane Tell Qoz Tell Rajab
Tell Rharassa Tell Rhazal Tell Rhazal Faouqani Tell Rhazal Tahtani
Tell Saadoun Tell Safour Tell Saiyed Aali Tell Sakar
Tell Serrate Tell Shedadi Tell Staih Tell Staih ech Charqi
Tell Tair Tell Talaa Tell Tamer Tell Tanine
Tell Taouil Tell Tartab Tell Tartab Serhire Tell Tayer
Tell Tcheme Tell Tcholma Tahtani Tell Tcholparate Tell Toueiyel
Tell Toueyel Tell Tuneinir Tell Zannbil Tell Zbib
Tell Zennbil Tell Ziouane Temple of the Eye Terbe
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Syrian Governorate division map:
Syria Governorates map



Main References: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency


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