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Al Hasakah Populations Photo Gallery
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Syrian Governorate Location:
Al Hasakah    Al Qunaytirah    Aleppo    Ar Raqqah    As Suwayda    Damascus    Daraa    Dayr az Zawr    Hama    Homs    Idlib    Latakia    Rif Damascus    Tartus

Al Hasakah Governorate Cities, Towns and Villages Map Location (more than 2696, pag 23 of 27)
Tall Kahf Tall Kanbar Tall Karm Tall Kayf
Tall Khabbaz Tall Khalifah Tall Khalil Tall Kharnub
Tall Khatun Tall Khatun Tall Khidr Tall Khinzir
Tall Khinzir Tall Khinzir al Kabir Tall Khinzir as Saghir Tall Khinzir Fawqani
Tall Khinzir Tahtani Tall Khudr Tall Khurnub Tall Khurnub Rashid
Tall Kif Talmikiyah Tall Kubaybah Tall Kuchak Tall Kuchik as Saghir
Tall Kujik Tall Lun Tall Maghas Tall Majdal
Tall Manakh Saghir Tall Mashhan Tall Massas Tall Muhammad Diyab
Tall Na`am Jillat Tall Na`ur Tall Naam al Jellate Tall Nabhan
Tall Nasiri Tall Nasri Tall Qabr al Kabir Tall Qabr as Saghir
Tall Qarrasah Tall Qawz Tall Quran Tall Rajab
Tall Sa`dun Tall Safur Tall Sakar Tall Sha`ir
Tall Sha`ir Tall Sha`ir Sharabiyah Tall Shadadi Tall Shamran
Tall Shamran al Fawqani Tall Shams Kabir Tall Sharmukh Tall Shulbarat
Tall Sirrat Tall Sutayh Tall Sutayh ash Sharqi Tall Ta'ir
Tall Tal`ah Tall Tamr Tall Tanin Tall Tartab
Tall Tartab Saghirah Tall Tatin Tall Tayr Tall Tunaynir
Tall Ulayah Tall Umayyah Tall Umm Kahf Tall Umm Midaffah
Tall Umm Ourhafa Tall Umm Ughafah Tall Zabib Tall Zanbil
Tall Ziwan Tanariyah Tannouriye Tannouriye
Tannuriyah Tannuriyah Taouarij Taourate
Tar as Sayyid Tarajiyah Tarrahiyah Tarrahiye
Tarzi Tawarij Tawbiz Hamadi Tawil
Tawilah Tawrah Tawrat Tayyar
Tchahef Tchalike Tcham Charaf Tcham Tcheilak
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Syrian Governorate division map:
Syria Governorates map



Main References: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency


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